New Computer Setup

Fluid Imagery Computing specializes in personal service and support for your home computer and network. We all spend a considerable amount of time working with our home computers these days so it is good to know that you have a friendly and reliable computer support partner nearby.

We can provide you with both DELL desktop systems and Apple Macintosh computers. As a DELL reseller, we offer very competitive pricing and industry leading support. If you have had enough with using Windows as your operating system and are considering using a Mac, we are here to help you with that seamless conversion including setting you up to use the iCloud for all of your data storage and access needs. We will help you integrate your iPhone, iPad and any other mobile devices to work together efficiently.

Data Transfers

One of the most challenging things for any home user to master is how to properly manage all their valuable and secure data. Whether is it family photographs or secure internet banking, we work with you to setup an easy to understand and easy to maintain home data solution.

Home Networking and Wireless Computing

We all use wireless networks daily whether at home or out for a coffee at a local restaurant. Staying connected in today’s world is more important than ever so having a seamless wireless or home network makes perfect sense. Let Fluid Imagery Computing work with you to set up a very secure wireless internet connection at home and prevent any outside access to your valuable data. We can also setup guest access for your friends and family on the same network which makes your life easier and more enjoyable.

Virus and Malware Removal

Okay, so you clicked on one of those windows on your PC and now everything seems to be horribly broken with pop up windows appearing suddenly and your entire system slows to a crawl. You likely have mistakenly installed some sort of virus or malware on your computer. Fluid Imagery Computing is here to help. While is it always preferable to scan ahead of time to prevent such intrusions, sometimes you simply need a professional partner to help you remove viruses and malware. We are pros at keeping your home computing error and virus free. Call us today to learn more.

Data Recovery and Backup

So, you have been searching through your computer and cannot find that important file you thought you saved, what should you do? Fluid Imagery Computing can help you recover lost data from your hard drive(s) and prevent this loss from happening in the first place. We use a very sophisticated hands off online backup solution to ensure that all of your most important data remains securely backed up and accessible in the event of loss. This online backup is a really great service to use in our specific geographic area where sudden storms, floods, wind and power outages can affect even the most secure computer systems. Using our online backup solutions put your mind at rest and let’s you concentrate on more important things.

PC Upgrades and Repair

Have you ever been given a link to a cool video or website from a friend only to see your computer working so slowly to process the data that you get totally frustrated? Fluid Imagery Computing is here with solutions for every need. We can upgrade any home computer system, repair any malfunctioning desktop computers or networks and keep you working effectively. There is so much to gain from having your home computer upgraded to the latest and greatest software and hardware – you will never miss that cat playing that piano beside that dog ever again.

Email / Spam Protection

Protect your emails from SPAM, viruses, phishing, and other malware.

Our Email/Spam Protection services include:

  • Secure email by stopping SPAM, viruses, worms, and other email-borne malware ahead of time
  • Archive inbound and outbound emails and filtered messages with attachments and flexible search features
  • Offload massive storage requirements from your home computer to improve efficiency
  • Full email indexing and seamless searching

Contact us for an in-depth analysis.

Hardware Sales and Service

Ease any frustrations involved with new equipment and operating systems using our Hardware as a Service solutions.

Our Hardware Sales and Services include:

  • Eliminate large capital outlays
  • IT equipment costs and related maintenance services may qualify as operating expenses, providing you with significant tax advantages.
  • Hardware for Linux, Windows and Mac
  • Operating systems, and other software
  • Warranty services for servers, desktops, laptops, routers, switches, and firewalls.

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